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The Business

This strip appears in "M" magazine. A membership -only publication for MCPS-PRS ALLIANCE, the organisation that handles rights issues for the music industry.

"Lynam's Last Tango in Lisbon" The Guardian June/July 2004

A dream commission for me... a football-related cartoon strip for a national broadsheet to coincide with the Euro 2004 tournament!

The Directors. 1995-

In 1995 Private Eye asked me to draw up some Ian Hislop ideas based on the "Fat Cat" phenomena. "We'll probably run it for six issues" they said. Still going strong and after a spell of writing the strip myself I have co-written with Peter Rigg since 1999.

Hoodwink. 1993-96

Hey, I'm a Nottingham cartoonist, so you can't blame me for doing a "Robin Hood" theme strip ! This ran in the Worksop Guardian until I asked for more money! (So much for "robbing the rich...")

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